DU Meter Crack Activation Key Latest Free Download

 DU Meter Crack Activation Key Latest Free Download

DU Meter Serial Key responds to these and other mysteries and can even alert you to dangerous or unexpected network activity. Checking your data transfer speed can give you a lot of clarity no matter what you do online and you’ll be wondering how you managed without DU Meter before. DU Meter is translated into 9 languages: English. French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, and Hungarian.DU Meter Registered Key is compatible with both 32 and 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.The older versions of DU Meter 6.x are still available to DU Meter registered users only.

 DU Meter serial key

DU Meter License Key is an application that will help you organize the traffic or data flowing in your system without the need for expensive network management software. DU Meter keygen is a free utility to have. Comprehensive recording facility, flexible and functional event system. With almost all types of network connections, including telephone modems, DSL, cable modems, LAN and satellite, using the DU Meter you can observe or anticipate unexpected changes and even receive alerts about dangerous network activities or Unexpected Based on a relatively simple app, DU Meter has been updated to provide an impressive package that includes an advanced graphical user interface and a new, carefully crafted mini mode. In addition, the program uses a real database tool that allows for more accurate and detailed alerts about unusual network activity.

Most Important New Features in DU Meter:

  • Added simultaneous monitoring of Internet and LAN traffic,
  • now you can switch from viewing Internet network traffic to LAN only and vice versa with a single mouse click.
  • DU Meter now includes a per-app traffic monitoring feature!
  • Have you ever wondered which applications are using all your network bandwidth?
  • Guess no more: switch to the new Per-App Traffic Monitor tab in DU Meter and see what happens instantly.
  • Network connections now differentiate between Internet traffic and LAN network
  • By showing the cumulative sum of traffic, connecting, connecting and connecting applications.
  • You can check the Wi-Fi signal!
  • From now on, sudden changes in network workload can easily be the result of a change in Wi-Fi signal quality.
  • See if improving your Wi-Fi reception can actually improve your internet experience.
  • Much improved DU Meter main window:
  • Tabs to easily switch between new traffic monitor modes,
  • new color schemes for better compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 10. New Metro, borderline, screen and more
  • Accessibility improvements for visually impaired users:
  • DU Meter fully respects and supports Windows high contrast mode and can change the font and font size in the options.
  • Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 are fully supported.
  • We have tested DU Meter comprehensively with the current pre-release versions of Windows 10, fixed several issues and made sure they work
  • perfectly. If any updates are required when Windows 10 is finally released, these updates will be free to registered users .
  • The security (SSL) and database (SQLite) components in DU Meter have been updated to improve compatibility and security.
  • Several serious and purely cosmetic issues have been resolved in iT
  • her is rigorously tested in a variety of network environments to ensure
  • it is compatible with all network devices imaginable.
  • From dial-up modems to 10 Gigabit network cards.
  • Thanks to our users, many problems with DU Meter translation have been fixed.
  • All translations have been updated and two new languages ​​are introduced in this version: Chinese and Hungarian.


  • It can warn you about upcoming connection problems.
  • Records all traffic that passes through the network.


  • Does not block or block attacks on your network traffic.
  • The information can be difficult to understand without the user manual.

Screen Shots:

 DU Meter Registered Key

 DU Meter License key

 DU Meter activation key

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