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POP Peeper Pro

POP Peeper Pro Crack is an email notifier that runs in your Windows taskbar and notifies you when any of your accounts receives a fresh email. Use the address book to email your commonly used contacts and send emails directly from POP Peeper with spell checking. A robust AntiJunk system will clear up your inbox, ensuring that you are not distracted by a new email just to learn it is spam. POP Peeper Pro is a password-protected app that runs on a portable device. Sound alerts (adjustable for each account), skinnable popup notifiers, voice notification, and more methods are available to signal when a new email has arrived. POP Peeper also includes SSL/TLS and OAuth2 as standard security features (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook).

If you find yourself checking your numerous email accounts multiple times throughout the day, an application like POP Peeper Pro Crack could possibly save you a lot of time and aggravation. POP Peeper Pro Serial is a Windows program that displays a notification in the taskbar every time you receive a new email. It is compatible with a wide range of email platforms and allows you to read and delete your emails at any time.  It allows you to create and manage several accounts in one place and is focused on notifying you when new email messages arrive in different email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others.

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POP Peeper Pro Crack supports POP3, IMAP with Idle (AOL, AIM, etc. ), SMTP, GMail, Outlook.com / Hotmail, Yahoo, mail.com, MyWay, Excite, Lycos, RediffMail, Juno, NetZero, and RSS (available). Other features include portability, a spam filter with rules, spell check, password protection, an address book, the ability to see messages in HTML (rather than rich/plain text for security), attachments, and distinct polling periods for each account. Sound notifications (adjustable per account), flashing keyboard LED, skinnable pop-up notification, custom screen saver, voice notification, and other options are also available. There are numerous alternatives for indicating that a new email has arrived in the system tray icon, including an animated icon and directly displaying the number of new messages in the system tray icon. When you use POP Peeper Pro Crack with the IMAP idle command, you will be notified as soon as fresh mail comes into your mailbox. You can use SSL / TLS for network security, and there are alternatives to make HTML e-mail reading safer by deleting potentially hazardous file attachments and web beacons. You can read, delete, print, and reply to messages in addition to reading them. The flexibility to customize toolbars, shortcut keys, columns, typefaces, and more will appeal to advanced users.

Much more advanced functionality is accessible while maintaining a user-friendly interface for newcomers. The AntiJunk tool automatically filters your email and only notifies you of non-spam messages. You can tailor your email even more with powerful rules, such as sending unique notifications to specific persons or automatically shifting emails to a different folder. The basic email choices to generate or reply to messages are placed on a fully customizable toolbar in POP Peeper Pro Plus Serial Key’s minimalist layout. To set up your accounts, you’ll need to do some manual work, but there’s plenty of useful advice to get you started, and it covers practically all of the POP Peeper Pro Key email providers, including Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. When a new email comes, a notification icon appears on the taskbar by default. You can opt to hear a sound or get more information about who sent the email and what the subject line says. You may quickly check your email, run the program, or start your email client by double-clicking the icon in the system tray.

Main Features:

  • You can use message search to find messages fast by entering keywords.
  • You may simply establish rules based on an existing message using the Rules Wizard.
  • This can be used to set rules for friends, coworkers, or spam/junk emails.
  • You can, for example, set up specific notifications when you receive an email from a buddy, such as playing a single sound, or eliminate junk from the newsletter automatically.
  • The spell checker will check your spelling in real-time and either highlight incorrect words or make a sound if they are misspelled.
  • You can use the personal dictionary to add terms that the spell checker doesn’t recognize.
  • Additional dictionaries can be downloaded if English is not installed by default.
  • POP Peeper’s visual appearance can be changed with themes.
  • There are over 100 themes available, all of which may be simply seen in POP Peeper before you decide which ones to install.
  • When viewing an email, the Profile Image plugin will display an image connected with the sender.
  • The image will be displayed automatically in some circumstances, but you can also assign an image manually.

Benefits Of POP Peeper Pro:

  • Real-time and on-demand spell check.
  • You can add your own words to personal dictionaries.
  • The right-click menu makes selecting the correct spelling simple.
  • There are additional languages available for download.
  • Only disable spell check for the current message.
  • When you misspell a word, you have the option of making a sound.


POP Peeper Pro key

POP Peeper Pro keygen

System Requirements:

  • Processor 1.5GHz or faster
  • Memory (RAM) 4GB
  • Available disk storage 100MB

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What’s New?

  • If the value of the custom trash folder had already been cached, changing it may not take effect right away
  • When Windows shuts down, there’s a chance of a crash.

How To Crack?

  • You can extract the files by double-clicking the download folder.
  • This software needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • You may run it normally by clicking on the crack.
  • Please copy and paste the instructions into the designated areas.


Overall, POP Peeper is a simple, free, and effective e-mail notifier. POP3, IMAP with Idle, Hotmail, SMTP, Yahoo, MSN, MyWay, GMail, Lycos.com, Excite, Juno, RediffMail, iWon, and NetZero are among the protocols and web-based services supported. Your suffering with all of your email accounts will be ended thanks to this application! POP Peeper will notify you as soon as an email is received in your web-based email accounts, making your job much easier. Make sure to have a look! You will not be dissatisfied!

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