IMindMap Crack Activation Key Latest Free Download

IMindMap Crack Activation Key Latest Free Download

 iMindMap Serial Key is great software that has helped users capture incredible ideas since it was released in 2006, and that we are still proud of. Unfortunately, the technology used to develop desktop software is out of date, which significantly slows development and improvement.IMindMap Ultimate 10.1 is a powerful application for acquiring various mind maps for the visualization of ideas in production. The software offers professional solutions with a variety of settings and configurations that allow users to perform various operations with ease. There are many categories including personal, general, educational, business, and advanced 3D.

IMindMap Serial key

iMindMap License Key is a paid program with three evaluation options for students, professionals and businesses. It allows you to create mind maps, but also has planning functions such as an emotional map tool, and org table resources. Some models look professional and cleverly designed, and some seem to have been extracted from a cheap children’s photography program.


  • Fast and powerful brainstorming
  • Keep the momentum going.
  • Whenever an idea occurs to you, record it immediately on Ayoa’s Mind Map.
  • Format, color and style
  • Bring your ideas to life with Ayoa’s diverse color palette, which is ideal for creating professional and creative mind maps.
  • Adjust the size, color, and style of your branches so you can distinguish between different areas.
  • formatting
  • Add pictures and files
  • Add pictures and files
  • A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Add images to topics to represent key topics and generate ideas.
  • Upload your own images or select an image from the Unsplash gallery.
  • Turn your mind map into a powerful resource center by adding files to topics, including documents, audio, and web links.
  • Add notes and comments
  • Expand your thoughts by adding more detailed notes on the branches.
  • Great for discussing ideas, using industry feedback to ask questions, provide feedback, or just show your appreciation for a great idea.
  • Notes and Comments
  • Mind map branch voting
  • Industry coordination
  • Vote for your favorite ideas on a mind map by clicking the thumbs-up icon.
  • Share your card with other people and they can vote for their favorite suggestions.
  • This allows you to focus on your strongest ideas, especially when brainstorming in different ways.
  • Ideas bank
  • The idea bank saves all of your lost thoughts until you are ready to put them on your mind map.
  • Enter your ideas as quickly as they arise so that you never lose sight of your thoughts.
  • Then just drag them as branches onto your mind map where they fit best.
  • Categories
  • Easily organize your map by placing categories around your branches.
  • Mark different areas of your mind map and describe the similarities and correlations between topics and ideas.

Screen Shots:

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Whats New:

  • Turn your ideas into tasks
  • An idea is just an idea until you bring it to life. Realize your ideas by turning branches into tasks.
  • Just send tasks to a task board, your planner (or both!).
  • This will help you organize your workload efficiently and see your ideas come true.
  • Homework ideas
  • Automatic hide
  • Autofocus
  • The autofocus allows you to focus your attention on specific areas while hiding the rest of the map.
  • Great for larger cards or to showcase your ideas to others, hide the clutter and focus on what’s important.
  • Import your iMindMap files
  • Have you used iMindMap? Immediately import all existing files from iMindMap .
  • With this new functionality, there are no limits to your productivity and creativity. Find out more here.
  • Connect your other cards
  • Mind map template
  • Invite people to your card
  • Invite people
  • Import iMindMaps
  • Link between mind maps
  • You can also “link” branches from different mind maps so that you can quickly revisit the related branches

A mind mapping tool with additional planning functions:

iMindMap is a payment application with three pricing options for students, professionals, and businesses. It allows you to create mind maps, but it also has planning functions such as an intelligent radial map tool and tools for organization tables. See some of the features

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