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IntelliWrite is used by Diskeeper Pro to prevent numerous common problems, such as crucial data being split. IntelliWrite instructs your computer to write files side by side on the hard disc rather than on any available vacant space. According to Condusiv, this can prevent up to 85% of fragmentation issues. Even when your hard drive is virtually full, the application continues to defrag it. It can run with as little as 1% free space or files that are fragmented into thousands of pieces. This is useful for folks who spend a lot of time on their computers.

It’s also equipped with HyperBoot technology. This silent auction, according to Condusiv, enhances the way your computer organizes its startup data, allowing it to boot up faster when you turn it on. These capabilities work together to safeguard your computer from fragmentation both before and after it occurs. Your data are neatly saved end-to-end without fragmentation (the dispersal of file fragments randomly over the hard drive) with Diskeeper installed, so your once slow PC performs quicker – without you having to do anything. It’s never been easier to keep your PC in tip-top shape.

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Diskeeper automatically increases the speed of your PC, extends the battery life of your laptop, improves loading times, increases the durability of your hard drive, lowers your energy usage, and much more. Hassle-Free PC — by maintaining PC performance with a “Set It and Forget It” approach. You’ll be surprised at how little work it takes to speed up your slow PC and improve the performance of your applications. You can’t live without this piece of software.
V-velocity Endpoint, the next stage beyond Diskeeper that adds DRAM caching, should be considered by IT administrators who manage a fleet of laptops and desktops. Diskeeper keeps laptops and workstations functioning like new with its proprietary, proactive IntelliWrite technology, leading to higher productivity and cheaper costs by prolonging the useful life of existing hardware.

Diskeeper is the only proactive solution that tackles the problem in real-time while running invisibly in the background, unlike traditional defragmentation applications that waste resources to function and defrag after the performance penalty has already been incurred. Without Diskeeper, files are spread throughout a volume rather than being written in a single location. By writing data sequentially, Diskeeper’s IntelliWrite technology optimizes writes and subsequent reads, lowering seek time and the amount of I/Os necessary to write or access a file.

Key Feature:

  • No tuning is required for improved application performance.
  • Install it and see your performance issues fade away.
  • VDI Density: Overnight, double the number of VDI clients in your environment.
  • Shorter Backups: Reduce backup windows and cut backup times in half (or more).
  • Timeouts and Crashes Have Been Reduced.
  • Put a stop to trouble calls by keeping your systems working smoothly and effectively.
  • Extend the life of the hardware.
  • Don’t invest in pricey new hardware; instead, work your assets harder. Improved Latency and Throughput.
  • See a 30%+ improvement in latency and throughput, enhancing the efficiency of both your infrastructure and your users.
  • Provides faster I/O performance for Windows systems, whether physical, virtual, or cloud-based.
  • Hot readings are cached from idle, available DRAM.
  • It is managed in a real “Set It and Forget It®” manner.
  • Low overhead combined with resource monitoring allows for continual optimization without putting resources at risk.
  • Dashboard data reveals how much storage I/O is offloaded and how much I/O processing time is saved, making the value immediately quantifiable and never in doubt.
  • There is no need to restart.


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Operating system:

  • All Windows 10 editions
  • All editions of Windows 8
  • All editions of Windows 7

What’s New:

  • Hour-by-hour view of analytics for the period.
  • Modes: Extensive defragmentation and Efficient defragmentation.
  • New Consolidation Engine for Free Space.
  • Metrics for I/O Performance Monitoring.
  • Read I/O optimization with IntelliMemory.
  • IntelliWrite optimizes write I/O.
  • Monitoring technology from InvisiTasking.
  • Support for network management and ease of use.
  • Displays of write and read I/O for reporting.
  • Terabyte Volume Engine Technology is a technology that allows you to store a large amount.
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes.

How To Crack?

  • You can extract the files by double-clicking the download folder.
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  • Please copy and paste the instructions into the designated areas.

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